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Website Maintenance & Support Services

No marketing vehicle is as dynamic and adaptable as your website…if you design it for maintainability and keep it updated. An effective website should be updated on a regular basis, its content continually refreshed and features continually evaluated. If your website has gone stale and you’re having trouble keeping a good balance of old and new information or features, we can help restore the balance.

What sets us apart is our design-build execution. We can accomplish more in a shorter amount of time - and that goes right to the boardroom and the bottom line, not to mention your users will be thrilled with the results.

Our services range from:

  • daily / weekly / monthly revisions with quick turnaround
  • feature additions or upgrades
  • "on-call" technical assistance - when you need outside expertise on an ongoing and dependable basis

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"I think the web site is absolutely beautiful. Everything loads quickly and is easy to navigate! A+ in my estimation. I would be very proud of it."

A.L., Owner

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Hartford Audubon Society: Fostering an increased knowledge and understanding of birds and their place in nature.

Since 1909, the mission of the Hartford Audubon Society has always been to foster and increase knowledge and understanding of birds and their place in nature, and awaken a wider public interest in the preservation and protection of all wildlife.

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