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SEO / SEM services that will optimize your website / marketing efforts, and provide the metrics and reports to chart your success.

Search Engine SEO / SEM Expertise

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

optimize your website for attracting results through free, organic, or editorial or natural means

SEO sets up a solid foundation for SEM to build upon. Suffering from poor SEM results? It might be due to poor SEO.

  • Keyword definition and strategy
  • Optimize site meta data
  • Optimize page and menu hierarchy
  • Optimize content hierarchy
  • Optimize site for speed
  • Link building strategies

Search engine Marketing (SEM)

market your website through paid ads on search engines

SEM can add immediate power to your SEO efforts by funnelling qualified traffic directly to your optimized website.

  • Ad campaigns (Google Adwords)
  • Website alignment
  • Monitoring and metrics


"We've already tried three other firms and they just weren't getting it done. It is SO nice working with you guys - you are the first group to fully understand what we need and the first group to deliver quality work in return."

HA, User Experience Manager

Recent Projects

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Oak Hill-on-Hudson: A 100 acre estate gracefully situated along the Hudson River of New York.

Oak Hill is a unique wedding venue - a 100 acre estate gracefully situated along the Hudson River in New York, with an expansive view of the Catskill Mountains. It is the last remaining mansion still in the Livingston family.

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