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SEO / SEM services that will optimize your website / marketing efforts, and provide the metrics and reports to chart your success.

Search Engine SEO / SEM Expertise

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

optimize your website for attracting results through free, organic, or editorial or natural means

SEO sets up a solid foundation for SEM to build upon. Suffering from poor SEM results? It might be due to poor SEO.

  • Keyword definition and strategy
  • Optimize site meta data
  • Optimize page and menu hierarchy
  • Optimize content hierarchy
  • Optimize site for speed
  • Link building strategies

Search engine Marketing (SEM)

market your website through paid ads on search engines

SEM can add immediate power to your SEO efforts by funnelling qualified traffic directly to your optimized website.

  • Ad campaigns (Google Adwords)
  • Website alignment
  • Monitoring and metrics


"Nice job on the Web site. It is winning kudos from many people. Your hard work shows! Thanks for all you have done to get it up and running."

K.C., Director

Recent Projects

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Murphy Insurance Agency: One of the largest family-owned, independent agencies in Massachusetts.

Murphy Insurance is one of the largest family-owned, independent agencies in Massachusetts. They handle all types of personal, business and financial insurance.  They work with over 25 insurance carriers and have access to over 100 more allowing them to develop customized plans to meet their clients’ specific needs.  

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