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Smart Phone / Smart Device Market Share

The latest data from Nielsen shows what we already knew - Android is the dominant OS (split among HTC at 15%, Samsung at 10%, Motorola at 10%, and the rest at 7%), iPhone is the dominant smart phone (28% of market), followed by RIM at a surpirsing 18%. Android/iPhone dominates the market at 71%, leaving Windows Phone 7 and Windows Mobile behind. And in the past 30 days, they were responsible for 83 percent of all mobile apps downloaded. Take all of the above and sprinkle in some ads, and Millenial Media's October report shows Android beating iPhone, RIM and Windows. While Apple's iPhone dominates mobile phone makers as the No. 1 phone in the market, Android phones dominate the share of ad impressions across mobile platforms. But let's now shift to tablets.

This morning in the Office

Here's a snapshot of this morning's punch list. Draft a spec and estimate for a mobile site conversion, newsletter/eMarketing campaign suite, and online catalog that targets smart devices Issue a logo rev to a client Check status with the dev's on a couple of code forks (NB_Store, SmithCart) for some eCommerce initiatives Add/enable 600GB RAID Level 1 on one of the dedicated database servers; reconfigure the backup schedules to use the new storage. Finish and deliver a spec for a "video in the cloud" service that will pass cleanly through enterprise/corporate firewalls, optimize for the bandwidth of the requestor through adaptive bitrate, and sense the device (desktop, tablet, smart phone) to provide for the best user experience Fix some client discussion forums (ActiveForums) where some incorrect filtering was causing submitted code fragments to be mangled Investigate and resolve some bad page requests that were out of hand on a DNN 5 site Review some DotNetNuke World 2011 session videos Schedule some client training for SmithCart store administration Prep for a atratetgy meeting on member landing pages for an area health club