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The DotNetNuke Horizon is Very Bright

We've just returned from OpenForce 2007 in Las Vegas - the largest conference on the planet for Microsoft developers, and the first conference in the US dedicated to DotNetNuke.

It was of course a great conference, and the DotNetNuke horizon looks very bright. If the majority of milestones are met for 2008, then it should be a watershed year. Among the new features that will be implemented in the coming year:

  • Social Networking - Social Networking API; DotNetNuke feeds external widgets (Vista, Google, Mac); Third-party widgets hosted in DotNetNuke; Easily create mash-ups in DotNetNuke
  • Workflow - Simple and advanced scenarios; Approval Chains; Inter-portal workflows; Content versioning
  • Core Module Suites - CMS SuiteBasic, CMS modules for content management and presentation; Social Networking Suite, Contemporary modules with collaborative and social networking features
  • Dynamic Content Localization - Complete the Localization story; Full localization static and dynamic; Workflow integration; Localized search; Complete internationalization support
  • Admin UI & Skinning Engine - Improved usability for admin tasks with fewer clicks; Contemporary AJAX UI; Improved skinning engine

These features will be tested and phased-in throughout the year, with backwards compatibility a top priority.

If you host with us, these releases will be tested and applied to all sites as they become available - something that our competitors will only do for fees that typically cost several hundred dollars per upgrade, over and above the monthly hosting fee.

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