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The Convergence of Mobile and Fixed

An opinion piece by Holman Jenkins that recently appeared in the Wall Street Journal was right on. The title was "Wi-Fi and the Mobile Meltdown," and was a story about how the distinction between the fixed and mobile networks is getting more blurry all the time.

Here's a great statistic that was cited. Jenkins writes, "Notice, for one thing, that the biggest deliverer of data to smart phones and related devices isn't any of the wireless carriers. It's Wi-Fi, which accounts for 33% compared to 8% for AT&T and 18% for Verizon."

He goes on to point out that "Mobile and fixed are converging, and doing so most obviously via the medium of Wi-Fi."

And near the end of the piece, admonishes the FCC to readjust their premise - that "When land is cheap, build out. When land is dear, build up."

If you think about it, it shouldn't matter what is being used to deliver the payload. And as a technology matures, such things become less and less relevant. Besides, end users largely don't care - they just want their data.

Great stuff, you should give it a read over at WSJ.

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