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Smart Phone / Smart Device Market Share

The latest data from Nielsen shows what we already knew - Android is the dominant OS (split among HTC at 15%, Samsung at 10%, Motorola at 10%, and the rest at 7%), iPhone is the dominant smart phone (28% of market), followed by RIM at a surpirsing 18%.

Android/iPhone dominates the market at 71%, leaving Windows Phone 7 and Windows Mobile behind. And in the past 30 days, they were responsible for 83 percent of all mobile apps downloaded.

Take all of the above and sprinkle in some ads, and Millenial Media's October report shows Android beating iPhone, RIM and Windows. While Apple's iPhone dominates mobile phone makers as the No. 1 phone in the market, Android phones dominate the share of ad impressions across mobile platforms.

But let's now shift to tablets. Apple sold 11.1 million iPads in the September quarter, accounting for about three-quarters of all tablets sold to consumers. This will put them at close to 75% of market share.

The conclusion to all of this? My favorite answer - it depends! But no matter what, it all starts with clearly defining who it is that you're trying to reach, what it is that most of them want...and give it to them!

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