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DotNetNuke 7 Approaching Release

There's a lot of excitement in the community about the newest version of DotNetNuke 7.0, and there's plenty to be excited about. The release candidate is going to be issued on November 14, with the final version scheduled for November 28.

For developers, some excitement under the hood.

The services layer is a pivotal feature, and is built on the ASP.NET Web API. Along with the inclusion of Knockout and the introduction of DAL 2 (an improved method for accessing data), a lot of drudgery has been removed from the development process. There's even an ad hoc module builder that can get the development process going soon after install.

For designers, a leather interior.

The Ui / UX has been totally overhauled, and not in a v6 kind of way. The CSS has been streamlined, simplified, and modernized. This new style foundation and some additions to DNN patterns and practices make the job of doing custom design or development infinitely easier.

For site administrators and content editors, an adrenaline rush from behind the wheel.

OK, enough with the car metaphor!

The control panel that all editors and admins are familiar with has been totally redesigned. Even the web installer was given a rework, so those first impressions are going to be a lot more favorable. And we're back to the future with new and improved drag and drop for module placement on a page.

Isn't that enough?

Some developers are already raising the bar, confirming that DNN v7 will be the baseline version required to run their modules. This will likely be a watershed year for DotNetNuke. The incredible effort that that has gone into 7.0, and the pace of improvement to aspects of the platform that were in need of attention has been amazing.

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