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Eric Swanzey
Eric Swanzey
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DotNetNuke Native Navigation - SOLPARTMENU, DNNMENU and RADMENU

There are many options available to you when thinking about what type of navigation component to use for your DotNetNuke web site. What does a navigation component provide? To put it simply, navigation providers construct and display the hierarchical navigation menus that display on your site. This might include a horizontal navigation menu, a vertical navigation menu, or any combination of the two. For example, some sites lend themselves to having a horizontal navigation menu that reflects the entire site, while a vertical navigation menu provides menu items for the current portion or section of the web site.

Multilanguage? No hay problema!

In the past year, we've launched sites in as many as 7 languages, including Spanish, Italian, German, French, Chinese, Russian, and Japanese - isn't it time to add your language to the list? These sites automatically recognize the preferred language of the visitor, and present them their language of choice on first visit. They can then browse the site as is, or do in-page language switching to immediately switch to the language of their choice.