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Speaking at Design Camp Boston

If you don't already have a ticket to Design Camp Boston on Saturday, November 6, you might be out of luck - tickets for the event are sold out. It's being held over at the NERD (Microsoft New England Research & Development Center) in Cambridge. Design Camp is All About Creativity Design Camp focuses on both current trends and future developments in web design and user experience across their many forms. Community driven, Design Camp Boston is a free, weekend-day event featuring some 18 sessions spanning web site design, frameworks, content management systems, motion graphics, standards, mobile applications, marketing, social media and more. But if you are going, please stop in at my session: Introduction to the DotNetNuke Portal/CMS Platform See DotNetNuke – the leading web content management platform for Microsoft .NET, with 800,000 users and 600,000 sites in production. This open source, community-driven CMS should be considered for every web site initiative. For beginners or advanced users, you will come away with an appreciation for what DotNetNuke is capable of, and how to get started with using it to suit your needs. There are some others that might be of interest too: Open Source Marketing Platform Abusing The Internet with CSS3 Design for Change, It Makes Cents Design and Internet Explorer 9 – HTML5, CSS3, SVG, and More So you want a CMS? (Hint: It’s like picking a car.) Introduction to HTML 5 Windows Phone 7 Application Design Primer Protoyping & Wireframing with Sketchflow Efficient UX workflow from design to development Designing Faster Websites Learn CSS… Building a User-Centric Company WordPress As A CMS SEO and the SEO Toolkit Designing with Balsamiq Mockups Joomla! for Designers Web Project Lifecycle

Northeast User Group Leadership Summitt

There were an impressive list of attending groups, including our own DotNetNuke Boston User Group at this event, held at the Microsoft's NERD (Northeast Regional District) facility in Cambridge. Thank you Microsoft and O'Reilly Media for your ongoing sponsorship and support! The event is designed to foster ideas and sharing of knowledge ...

The Founder Institute Comes to Boston

If you have a new company or if you are thinking of starting a new company, you might want to check the Founders Institute. It's a program run by founders for founders, providing a structure for successful entrepreneurs to share their experiences and to provide guidance. Everyone that graduates from the three month program is invited to join a pool to share in the equity upside generated from the success of their peers.

DotNetNuke Native Navigation - SOLPARTMENU, DNNMENU and RADMENU

There are many options available to you when thinking about what type of navigation component to use for your DotNetNuke web site. What does a navigation component provide? To put it simply, navigation providers construct and display the hierarchical navigation menus that display on your site. This might include a horizontal navigation menu, a vertical navigation menu, or any combination of the two. For example, some sites lend themselves to having a horizontal navigation menu that reflects the entire site, while a vertical navigation menu provides menu items for the current portion or section of the web site.