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Pruning the DNN user tables

The odds are that if you've had user registration open for any great length of time that you'll have some users that haven't logged in for for years, or others who logged in once and never came back. A recent project to optimize an installation of DNN involved doing an inventory of the DNN user tables to see if there were opportunities for a performance improvement by winnowing out inactive or rogue user accounts from the installation. The site had collected 111,751 users in the five years of operation, not an unruly number at all but still worth investigating. Another factor at play was the sheer volume of traffic. On average, there were 1.5 million page views per month being generated by 275,000 users. After running various queries against the tables and reviewing the user-centric areas of the site, a surprising 72,963 users were identified as being candidates for removal.
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Tracking Down DNN Errors in Portal, Site, and Server Logs

When creating a new portal, DNN threw an error I'd never seen before, something having to do with a foreign key constraint in one of the core tables. It's interesting to me that without both the error thrown to the screen (which wasn't present in the logs) and the error thrown to the logs (which wasn't presented on screen), the issue would have been more difficult to solve. And say that these issues were being reported by two different people - one front-facing the site (site visitor sees the screen message) and one back-facing (site admin sees the log entry) - it could conceivably be considered as two separate events. And notice that the key link is the time or time stamp of the event. Just as it is the thing that links these two seeminly disparate error notifications together, it also is the link to other logs on other servers. With it you can take a quick nose dive into the IIS logs to examine details of the exact request and response from the web server. Or to the Windows application and event logs for a view of the event from a slightly different perspective.

Review of Mandeeps Modules

If you're not familiar with Mandeeps, they are a veteran DotNetNuke developer and DotNetNuke Marketplace module vendor who is consistently in the Top 10 listings. Mandeeps offers modules such as LiveTabs, LiveAccordian, LiveWrapper, LiveGallery, LiveImages, and LiveRotator that enhance the presentation and display of content. They also offers LiveArticles, LiveBlog and LiveContent that fall more into the content authoring or content publishing category. We've been using Mandeeps modules for years, and have found them to be an essential part of any site. Here's why they should be a must have for your next DotNetNuke project.