About Us

Swanzey Internet Group

Swanzey Internet Group was founded by Eric Swanzey, who has extensive experience successfully translating marketing strategies and IT initiatives to websites of all shapes and sizes, for companies large and small. Over the years Eric has helped companies in such diverse markets as high technology, retail, financial, manufacturing, services, pharmaceutical, and publishing to utilize the Internet to help build their business and expand their markets. His background and experience in both designing and developing for the online experience brings a unique perspective to projects, and provides clients with an extremely balanced and effective approach in all aspects of website creation and management.

Prior to founding the Swanzey Internet Group, Eric created interactive media programs for Reebok International that would be viewed at flagship retail stores in NYC and major sporting events around the world. At one time he was also producing websites for one of Boston's largest interactive agencies. Eric received the “Award of Excellence” from the Massachusetts Interactive Media Council for the first web site he ever produced - for a regional non-profit located in Massachusetts.

It is this extensive and diverse experience that is being applied to the needs — and budgets — of small and midsize organizations, giving them the best balance of sophistication and value.


"It's been a VERY busy season. Online sales are up 60% from a year ago."

K.K., President & CEO