Client Support

Following are examples of how support requests are typically categorized and what you can expect for response or resolution. They can be used as a guide when requesting support.

Mission Critical / Urgent

  • Production systems issue (site unresponsive; interruption critical service)
  • Crash with no recovery/hang
  • Functional failure
  • Critical loss or corruption of data
  • Installation/upgrade/migration failure
  • Severe performance related issues
  • Frequent crash/hang with auto-recovery
  • Major Feature failure or major usability problems

Response Time: within minutes


  • Installation/upgrade/migration failure - pre production
  • Feature failure or deviation from expected behavior
  • Moderate usability problems
  • Errors, warnings, performance issues or restarts not causing serious impact
  • Configuration changes

Response Time: within hours


  • All "how to" questions
  • Configuration and usability issues
  • Root cause analysis or post mortem of previous issue

Response Time: within day(s)


  • Minimal or No-impact items or issues
  • Useful for logging/tracking issues that don't have a near term focus

Case / Ticket Closure

We are committed to resolving all inquiries in a timely and satisfactory manner. Understanding case closure is part of customer satisfaction.

  • Issue has been resolved
  • No longer experiencing the behavior that initiated the case
  • Acceptable workaround has been provided
  • Expired Subscription or Support Contact