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Tracking Down DNN Errors in Portal, Site, and Server Logs
Tracking Down DNN Errors in Portal, Site, and Server Logs
When creating a new portal, DNN threw an error I'd never seen before, something having to do with a foreign key constraint in one of the core tables. It's interesting to me that without both the error thrown to the screen (which wasn't present in the logs) and the error thrown to the logs (which wasn't presented on screen), the issue would have been more difficult to solve. And say that these issues were being reported by two different people - one front-facing the site (site visitor sees the screen message) and one back-facing (site admin sees the log entry) - it could conceivably be considered as two separate events. And notice that the key link is the time or time stamp of the event. Just as it is the thing that links these two seeminly disparate error notifications together, it also is the link to other logs on other servers. With it you can take a quick nose dive into the IIS logs to examine details of the exact request and response from the web server. Or to the Windows application and event logs for a view of the event from a slightly different perspective.

DotNetNuke 7 Approaching Release
There's a lot of excitement in the community about the newest version of DotNetNuke 7.0, and there's plenty to be excited about. The release candidate is going to be issued on November 14, with the final version scheduled for November 28.

The March to Mobile
Some recent client activity prompted me to put together a high level summary that clarifies important considerations and aspects of a successful mobile strategy.

This morning in the Office
Here's a snapshot of this morning's punch list. Draft a spec and estimate for a mobile site conversion, newsletter/eMarketing campaign suite, and online catalog that targets smart devices Issue a logo rev to a client Check status with the dev's on a couple of code forks (NB_Store, SmithCart) for some eCommerce initiatives Add/enable 600GB RAID Level 1 on one of the dedicated database servers; reconfigure the backup schedules to use the new storage. Finish and deliver a spec for a "video in the cloud" service that will pass cleanly through enterprise/corporate firewalls, optimize for the bandwidth of the requestor through adaptive bitrate, and sense the device (desktop, tablet, smart phone) to provide for the best user experience Fix some client discussion forums (ActiveForums) where some incorrect filtering was causing submitted code fragments to be mangled Investigate and resolve some bad page requests that were out of hand on a DNN 5 site Review some DotNetNuke World 2011 session videos Schedule some client training for SmithCart store administration Prep for a atratetgy meeting on member landing pages for an area health club

The Convergence of Mobile and Fixed
An opinion piece by Holman Jenkins that recently appeared in the Wall Street Journal was right on. The title was "Wi-Fi and the Mobile Meltdown," and was a story about how the distinction between the fixed and mobile networks is getting more blurry all the time. Here's a great statistic ...

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